TERRASYS Geophysics was founded in 1993 by Karl Goldschmidt and Markus Krieger. Today our core team consists of the following individuals:

Venke Becker
Geophysicist, G&G Integrated Interpretation

Even for complex scenarios she calculates a potential solution.


Karl Goldschmidt
Geophysicist, Financial Director & Founder

A new idea is always in the back of his mind.


Stefan Hoßfeld
Geologist, G&G Integrated Interpretation

Whatever the scale is – he will find the crucial point.


Markus Krieger
Geophysicist, Technical Director & Founder

The bigger the problem, the better he gets.


Christina Müller
Physicist, G&G Integrated Interpretation

With a smile – she stays on top of things.


Søgun Petersen
Geophysicist, G&G Integrated Interpretation

No matter how demanding the task – she won't give up.


Dr. Peter Smilde
Geodesist, R&D and Software Engineer

The knowledge base we haven't managed to fathom yet.

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