Geomaster - Details

  • Analytical full 3-D gravity and magnetic computation by exact algorithms
  • Joint modelling and interpretation of gravity and magnetics
  • User controlled inversion of model densities/susceptibility and geometry parameters by non-linear algorithms
  • Model construction by horizons and geobodies of any shape, i.e. two independent model geometries with their respective advantages
  • Comfortable and interactive features for model construction and parameter editing
  • Many tools for attribute definitions, e.g. vertical and lateral gradients or local density values and functions
  • Visualization features for 2-D/3-D seismics for modeling and QC
  • Integration and visualization of well paths and well data
  • Various tools for integration and visualization of constraints, e.g. geological maps or seismic profiles, magnetotellurics, tectonic concepts etc.
  • Flexible data export/import tools
  • Multi-platform capable software
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