Integrated Interpretation


TERRASYS Geophysics' integrated approach to tackle demanding interpretation tasks combines 3-D modeling and inversion of potential field data with modern seismic imaging techniques.

De-risking subsalt exploration is presently being done by advancing seismic technology and application of integrated interpretation processes focused on seismic data. A revival is underway in the use of gravity and magnetics to produce better geologic interpretation from seismic data.

Other independent geophysical tools, which respond to the same (or are linked to the same) lithological parameters as the seismic method, can be used to provide additional input and greatly enhance the imaging quality.

In recent years numerous projects involved areas with complex tectonics; they showed how advanced multi-disciplinary modeling helps to obtain reliable geological solutions, such as well-defined salt geometries and constrained velocity models, e.g. for optimized pre-stack depth migration results.

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